Super Whey Protein


Preserve and Strengthen Muscle

Super Whey has been formalized with a unique blend of essential ingredients which makes it the best available instantized natural Whey Protein Concentrate with Branched Chain Amino Acids, Essential Fats, & Dietary Fibre. With 100% biological value which helps in maintaining lean muscle mass also during non-training periods.

The Powerful Blend!

100% Whey Protein Concentrate, not Isolates:

Unlike Whey Protein Concentrate, Isolates are devoid of nutritional cofactors like naturally occurring vitamins & alkalizing minerals making it overly acidifying to our body.

BCAA & L-Glutamic Acid:

These are essential amino acids enhances muscle protein synthesis for greater muscle hypertrophy (growth) & prevents fatigue.

Medium Chain Triglycerides:

MCT’s from coconut oil helps in energy regeneration as ideal muscle fuel & are essential for body’s hormone production.

CA:P - 2:1

As per the balanced diet, high Calcium to phosphorus ratio (2:1) is desirable for optimal absorption.

High-Quality Whey with the cutting-edge
Muscle Plasma Protein Technology.

  • Extracted from Pasture-fed Cows’ milk.
  • The Acid-free processing helps to reduce the loss of essential Amino Acids.
  • The Cold-press extraction process preserves the essential micronutrients.
  • Natural sweetener keeps it low on Glycemic Index (GI) which suits the diabetic.

Soy Free

GMO Free

Gluten Free

Sugar Free

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