Pro Bioactive Dietary Supplement


Intestinal Health

Probiotics are the bacteria that make up the lining of the digestive tract and supports body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Pro-Bioactive is a superior high potency formula with more Strain Diversity and survivability for an effective support and healthy balance of microbes in your Gut.


Supports digestive and immune health, is acid and bile resistant and provides long-lasting colonization

Supports a healthy immune response as well as aids in stress management by promoting healthy serotonin levels

Promotes a healthy inflammatory response in the gut as well as immune health. Helps in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. 

Supports immune health and GI well-being in healthy adults

Promotes a healthy inflammatory response including allergy response and supports the growth of other beneficial bacteria

Promotes a healthy stress response and reduces gastrointestinal symptoms

Promotes healthy hydrated skin. Supports immune system. Stimulates the growth of other probiotic strains



Our Digestive System is the second largest part of our Neurological system. It contains the network of Neurons or Brain cells called Enteric Nervous System (ENS) which controls both digestive and mental well-being.
Brain to Gut
The Brain has a direct connection to our body’s first line of defence and there are over 500 million neurons in our Gut which can act completely independent and influence behaviour.


PRO-BIOACTIVE helps to relieve from Digestive discomforts by fighting against such as acidity, bloating, constipation, indigestion, heartburn, food intolerance and balances yeast growth. It restores natural microflora in the large and small intestine through intestinal cell growth.

Yes, PRO-BIOACTIVE contains essential Probiotic strains along with Glucosamine that promote a healthy digestive system. In addition, the key natural herbal ingredients, Commiphora mukul, Boswellia serrata, Ashwagandha are also added which acts as anti-inflammatory and helps to relieve from pain in Osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis by promoting joint health.

We may not get enough and required healthy bacteria through our diet. In order to maintain healthy gut bacteria, probiotic supplements with specific beneficial probiotic strains like Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus are highly recommended.

Though Probiotic consumption is beneficial for boosting immunity and maintaining gut health, it is suggested to consult a Paediatrician prior to consumption by kids or infants.

No, any person aged above 16 years may include PRO-BIOACTIVE as a daily dietary probiotic supplement.

Ideal dosage which is between 15-50 Billion CFU’s or as recommended by your doctor/Nutritionist can be consumed either before or after breakfast is effective in reducing digestive disorders and improving gut health. As it is natural supplement, it is safe for long term consumption.

Pregnant or Lactating women are suggested to consult doctor before consuming PRO-BIOACTIVE

Beyond the Digestive health, probiotics are crucial in balancing hormones, maintaining joint health, skin health, brain health as well as slowing down the aging process in both male and female. PRO-BIOACTIVE is highly suggested to women to reduce menopausal symptoms and to promote vaginal health.

PRO-BIOACTIVE is the combination of traditional Ayurvedic Herbs and the most beneficial probiotic strains, clinically proven safe for the consumption.

Consumption of Antibiotics, chlorinated water, sugar, and processed foods may negatively impact the delicate balance of bacteria in your gut. PRO-BIOACTIVE helps to balance the healthy bacteria more efficiently with few dietary and lifestyle changes.

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