Primal Health Pak


An Exceptional Triple Action formula for a well-balanced nutrition to Repair the tissues, Refuel the cells and Restore the health.

PROYOUNG PRIMAL HEALTH PAK is an advanced nutritional supplement to fulfil the nutritional gaps and ensure the Cell Nourishment every day. The PRIMAL HEALTH PAK provides a complete health support with premium quality of essential nutrients in their high bioavailable forms to work together for an optimal cell functioning through VITAL-ANTIOXIDANTS, CORE MINERALS, & TOTAL B.

Core Minarals Dietary Supplement


Core Minerals is a balanced premium blend of essential and highly absorbable Macro & Microminerals. Core Minerals is carefully formulated to optimally nourish the cells and enhance the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins effectively, besides healthy DNA & RNA Replication. A healthy mineral balance supports a healthy absorption of nutrients from food.


Vital Antioxidants is an ideal combination of essential Fat & Water soluble Micronutrients. The Vital Antioxidants improves the mitochondrial functioning and neutralises free radicals to reduce oxidative stress and promote healthy cell functioning. The VITAL ANTIOXIDANTS is a combination of rare and natural antioxidants, essential for the body to counter oxidative stress.

Vital Antioxidants
Total-B Vitamins


Total B is a unique formulation of 8 essentials water-soluble Vitamins to support your day long energy and healthy metabolism. The essential B-Vitamins helps to convert food into fuel, allowing us to maintain highest energy levels. Total B is crucial for us to maintain an active and a healthy lifestyle.

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