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Enzyme Fermented Ginseng

Panax Ginseng has been used medicinally for over 5000 years and is considered a fundamental tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine. As the most powerful adaptogenic herb, Ginseng has a remarkable capacity to support the body in achieving natural homeostatic balance.
Produced by using a patented breakthrough technology of Enzyme fermentation to produce a completely balanced Ginseng Extract in the Metabolite Form – proven as the most Bioavailable form.

Nutritional Information

The key Bioactive Component

Absorption Limitation

Ginsenosides which is divided into Protopanaxadiol (diol types) and Protopanaxatriol (triol types) are not digested in the stomach like regular food but are hydrolyzed in the intestine by intestinal microorganisms before being absorbed into the body. Thus the condition of the intestine is an important factor in the amount of Ginsenosides to be processed and absorbed by the body is an important factor for a healthy intestine.

Percentage of people capable to process

both types of Ginsenosides

Enzyme Fermented Ginseng

Through Ginseng Science and Technology, GINST15 is able to deliver complete health benefits of Korean Ginseng regardless of health or age.

The fermentation process undergoes by using Enzymes (which are produced by human intestinal microorganisms to synthesize Ginsenosides) which keeps the Korean Ginseng in the metabolized state for a faster absorption.

15 Times More in Volume and 4 Times Faster Absorption with 27 times more concentration in Blood makes PROYOUNG GINST15, the best Korean Ginseng than other leading Ginseng supplements.

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