ProYoung Gano Coffee


World's Healthy Coffee

The robust blend of Ethiopian Coffee beans with the powerful Ganoderma Spore extract makes the GANO CoffeeTM, world’s No.1 Antioxidant rich coffee.

This unique blend comes in a strong and easy-to-mix sachet with rich flavor and core health benefits. The Ganoderma Spore is much more potent than the entire body of the Ganoderma Mushroom with highest Bio-Active components.

Nutritional Information

(Approximate Value)

Serving: 18g, Serving Per Pack: 20

Gano Coffee Ingredients

The key bioactive components in

Ganoderma Spore are the secret behind

its Healing Potential


Unique Shell Breaking Technology

Ganoderma Spores are the seeds of the Ganoderma Lucidum fruit body. These spores are much potent than the entire body of the mushroom. The diameter of the spore is merely 5-8 microns which contain the super-rich Bio-Active ingredients. The extraction of the Spore powder involves the shell breaking technology to facilitate complete absorption by the human body. This physical extraction method is taken place under low temperature with minimum damage to the bio-active ingredients of Ganoderma Spores.
Unique Shell Breaking Technology

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